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Texas A&M University


As a pre-medical chapter, our main goal at Texas A&M is to guide members through the difficult and confusing years as a pre-medical student. We strive to ensure that members are fully informed about medical school pre-requisites, the admissions timeline, and countless other topics that every pre-medical student should be aware of. In addition to the various resources offered by AMSA National, our members are provided with a strong and diverse community of pre-medical students that allows for guidance and informal mentorship. Through our social, volunteering, and medical opportunities, members build up their skills while being empowered by their peers. In offering all of these resources to our members, we hope to contribute to their development as well-rounded medical school applicants, and future physicians.

General Meetings

Every Wednesday

7:30 pm - 8:30 pm

PSYC 338

*Our general meetings, committee meetings, and all AMSA events will take place in-person (unless communicated differently) this semester. As a pre-medical organization, we recognize the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic and highly encourage members to wear masks when attending general meetings and other AMSA events, though it is not required.

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