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Point System

Points Deadline: TBA @ 11:59 PM

Why a Point System?

AMSA's point system helps track member participation throughout the semester. Members earn points for attending meetings, volunteering, engaging in various enrichment opportunities and engaging within our AMSA community. As they earn points, members can reach Active, Bronze, Silver or Gold status. This serves as a way to encourage members to take advantage of the wonderful opportunities AMSA offers and to reward those who go above and beyond. AMSA members are highly encouraged to achieve at least active status; to read more about why this is encouraged, see the "Member Status" section below.

How to Log and View Points

Members are responsible for logging points via Google Forms through the links provided at the top of this page. Members can also view their point history for the semester via Google Sheets through the link that is provided at the top of this page. The spreadsheet will contain the point history for our 200+ members; to find yourself, simply search for your name. 

Member Status

AMSA's members can achieve five different member statuses. Each status description and point requirement is below. Members do NOT achieve active status by simply paying dues and joining the organization. Members who fail to meet active status will not be included in the membership list presented to the Texas A&M Office of Professional School Advising (OPSA) at the end of each semester. The member will therefore be unable to include any inactive semester(s) in their medical school application.

GOLD (75 points)

Gold members attend the End of Semester Party. To become a Gold member, you must meet all active requirements and have 75 total points.


SILVER (55 points)

Silver members attend the End of Semester Party. To become a Silver member, you must meet all active requirements and have 55 total points.


BRONZE (35 points)

Bronze members attend the End of Semester Party in the Fall and receive a reduced price ticket to the Spring Banquet. To become a Bronze member, you must meet all active requirements and have 35 total points.


ACTIVE (25 points)

Reaching active status is especially important because when you become active, your name is registered with the Office of Professional School Advising. To become active, you must attend 2 social events, 2 volunteering events2 Medical Professionalism events and have a total of 25 points.


INACTIVE (less than 25 points or failure to meet requirements)

There are two ways in which members can be inactive. Members who earn more than 25 points but fail to meet the basic point requirements (2 social events, 2 volunteering events, 2 Medical Professionalism events) will be considered inactive. Members who meet the basic point requirements but fail to earn more than 25 points will also be considered inactive.

Point Opportunities

AMSA provides six different ways in which members can earn points towards an active status.

General Meetings

Attending each meeting equals 1 point. This section refers to both general meetings and committee meetings

Medical Professionalism Events

Attending a Med Prof event equals 2 points. Med Prof events are events that TAMU AMSA hosts/participates in, such as ECHO meetings and AMSA National Convention.

Volunteering Events

Opportunities listed on the Volunteering tab, Fundraising events, Committee volunteering events, and chalkboard/flyer raids are counted for 1 point/hour.

Outside Volunteering is counted as 1 point/hour (10 points max)

Social Media and Officer Sightings

Add us on social media for 1 point per platform. Click here to log your social media points.

1 point/sighting (10 points max) if you spot an officer outside of AMSA events (and outside of class) while you are wearing an AMSA shirt


Receive 2 points for attending each social event

T-Shirt Points

1 point extra per event for wearing any AMSA member T-shirt

2 points extra per event for wearing purchased AMSA apparel

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