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AMSA Library

Welcome to TAMU AMSA's AMSA Library! We hope that the library will allow students to participate in study groups and have financially accessible materials for MCAT test preparation. If the AMSA Library proves to be a successful asset to our members then we may consider expanding it to incorporate other medical texts that could be of use to our members.

AMSA Library Purpose

By providing a resource of openly accessible MCAT preparation materials, we hope to motivate and inspire our members to pursue a career in medicine without the stress of the extra financial expenses of test preparation.


Please remember that having access to the AMSA Library is a privilege and not a requirement for AMSA. The rules of the library must always be followed to ensure that it will be available for future AMSA members!

An Aggie does not lie, cheat, or steal, nor tolerate those who do.

AMSA Library Rules

Steps for checking out books:

  • Send an email to our Secretary, James (Austin) Harris, at

    • Mention which book you would like to check out and which meeting you would like to pick it up at

    • This will allow her to ensure that this book is not currently being used

    • If the book is available, proceed with the following steps

  • Print and fill out the library form found below

  • Bring the form to the next member meeting

  • Have your form signed and collected by our Secretary

  • Pick up your book at the member meeting

  • Return your book no later than the end date

    • The end date should be during a member meeting one month after the start date


If you do not return the book in its original condition or fail to return the book or severely damage it you will be asked to pay a fine of $50 to replace it. However, if there are minor damages then you will be asked to pay a fee of $25. If you check out materials other than a book, a different fee may apply. If the book is not returned and a fee is not paid, other consequences may apply.


You may only check out one book at a time and you cannot annotate or write in them in order to preserve them for future AMSA members.

View Available Books

AMSA Library Checkout Form

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