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Hanna Oberoi

Director of Fundraising


Hey guys! My name is Hanna Oberoi, and I am thrilled to be your guys’ Director of Fundraising for the 2022-2023 year (go concessions, woohoo!)! Although I was originally born in Los Angeles, CA, my current hometown is Keller, TX. As far as my medical speciality/interest goes, I’m really leaning towards wanting to become an oncosurgeon or even specialize as an oncologist in either renal cell carcinoma or hematoma (I know right, too much medical terminology stuff lol!). Outside of AMSA, I’m currently the Public Relations officer for HOSA, the Academic Chair and a Mentor for IDEAAL, and the Director of Operations and Logistics for LEAD (so if you ever need help with what other organizations are there, I’d love to help you get more involved :D)! In my spare time, I also love embroidering, watching cooking shows, and meeting amazing people, and I can’t wait to meet you all soon! <3

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