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The Application Timeline

This process typically begins either the fall of the students junior year, or two years before they want to apply to med school. Generally speaking, students follow the below timeline:

Junior Year

Fall of Junior Year:

  • Attend a PSA workshop (mandatory)

    • These workshops can be found on the Texas A&M Career Center website under PSA Portal Workshops

    • Register for the MCAT

    • Begin preparing and studying for the MCAT

Spring of Junior Year:

  • Complete portal information

  • Take the MCAT

Summer between Junior and Senior Year:

  • Begin medical school applications

  • It is recommended to attend OPSA interview workshops

Senior Year

Fall of Senior Year:

  • Medical school interviews and rolling admissions begin for TMDSAS

Spring of Senior Year:

  • TMDSAS Medical school match submission deadline

Summer after Senior Year:

  • Receive notification from medical schools

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